Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ishita's Thoughts on Immortality and Happy Halloween! :-)

Immortality is not a topic I would have thought I'd be writing about on my blog today; however, Ishita Bandyo's blog post which I just read has got me thinking about it.  I was struck by what she said:

"But after thinking about it long and hard, it turned out that all I want to do with my art is to leave a part of myself in this world. Most of us just leave dust and ash but I want to leave a part of my soul in this world. I think immortality is not living forever physically, but leaving a part of our psyche. If another person feels connected to my art then I live through them. All who had left a mark on this world through their art are immortal." (see

In trying to put into writing what MY art--and the process of creating it--means to me, I have struggled to express myself clearly. It DOES have something to do with IMMORTALITY, but in a different way than Ishita's, perhaps. I want people to look at my paintings and see what I see: the beauty that is all around me. Ultimately, I hope that people who enjoy my paintings will realize that beauty is all around THEM too and appreciate this gift we are all given.

Tonight's All Hallow's Eve--or Halloween, so Happy Halloween Everyone!   We've had a total of eight kids come Trick-or-Treating so far tonight. Guess it's getting too late for many more.

However, Friday night Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art joined with other businesses in downtown Chester to host a parade of Trick-or-Treaters.  What fun!  Barbara Rossito took some GREAT photos of the good time which was had by all.

This witch was not one of them!  (I have difficulty believing that my own daughter can look this scary!)

Ishita, Barbara, and I are members of Maple and Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester, Connecticut.  Please visit the gallery website to get a taste of our work:


Ishita said...

Thanks for thinking and commenting on my blog!Maybe we can sit down and talk about this with a cup of coffee!! Much love

Joan Cole said...


I am so impressed with your openness, artistic ability, and honest, thought-provoking writing. I look forward to having coffee with you anytime we can make it happen.

Much love to you,