Saturday, November 27, 2010

Belated Thanksgiving Wishes to ALL!

This has been such an amazing Thanksgiving weekend for me.

To begin with, our Thanksgiving dinner was incredible because our son and daughter-in-law knocked themselves out to provide a delicious feast. I am so thankful for both of them and the joy they have brought into our lives. Here are  pictures I took of Jeff and Jennifer with "Tom," who happened to be four-legged this year thanks to the ingenious and very thoughtful donation of two extra legs by Jen's dad!

Messerschmidt's Pond III, oil,  10" x 20"
 In addition to being grateful for a relaxing Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, I am also very thankful this weekend for the success I've been fortunate enough to enjoy through the sale of two pieces of my art.

On Wednesday, I learned that my painting "Messerschmidt's Pond III" will be purchased on Monday when the new owners return from the Cape to claim it. It is always such a joy to me when someone loves one of my paintings the way I love the LOCATION in which I was painting.

Doreen's Garden, oil, 6" x 12"

Then today, I was delighted to learn that my most recent painting, "Doreen's Garden," will be purchased by the owner of the garden herself!   A photo Doreen had taken last summer of the phlox in her garden was so beautiful that I wanted to try to capture it in oils.  Doreen and her husband both think that  I have, which makes me VERY pleased.


Anonymous said...

Hello Joan,
The turkey seems enormous !

Congratulations for the sale of your paintings. I like very much Messerschmidt's pond and its format.

Have a nice sunday

Joan Cole said...

Hello, Helene! It is always good to hear from you. Yes, the turkey WAS enormous--and so moist. I appreciate so much your congratulations. Today is a cold, sunny Sunday. A beautiful painting day. I hope you have a lovely Sunday as well. Best to you in Paris! Joan