Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Winter Snowfall," SOLD at Maple & Main Gallery AND Susan Pecora stopped by!

"Winter Snowfall" by Joan Cole
9" x 12" oil on linen
Last Friday evening was a hopping night at Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester!  A great group of folks gathered upstairs and downstairs in the Gallery, enjoying beautiful art, fine conversation, tempting munchables and libations.  It was an opportunity to relax among friends--and to make new ones. 

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I sold my "Snowdrops" painting at the opening.  But I saved telling you about the sale of "Winter Snowfall" for today.  Of the four paintings that were sold that night, TWO of them were MINE!  Now that is downright INCREDIBLE!
My son wondered who would want to buy a WINTER painting given the weather we've been having.  Well, that is exactly the reason this collector wanted my painting.  She said, "This is a winter I'll always remember!"  She thought that "Winter Snowfall" captured the essence of this winter for her.  Needless to say, I was and AM very happy that this painting "spoke" to her.

Among the folks I got to visit with at the opening was Susan Pecora.  A renowned watercolor artist and teacher, Susan is a star of Public Television in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  She told me that she's been doing lots of demonstrations for Deerfield Village, Tobacco Valley Art Association, the Tolland Art Association and the Providence Art Association, among others.  A few years back, I spent two glorious spring weekends, taking  watercolor workshops with Susan in her studio in Thorndike, Massachusetts.  She has THE BEST sense of humor and is a marvelous teacher.

In a follow-up email this week, she wrote, "I am just enough of a ham to thoroughly enjoy myself. I invite questions while I paint and interact with the Provincetown someone suggested I put a dog in the painting. I told them to find me a dog and a man brought in a golden retriever. I painted him into the piece then and there."  If you EVER get a chance to take a workshop or watch a demo with Susan, GO FOR IT! 

I also made a new friend--Susan's neighbor Michelle DeMarco, who is an egg tempera artist.  Among other things, Michelle has done, she has illustrated a children's book about a PINK PUMPKIN!  What fun.  I hope to get to see it and read it.

Well, as Daffy Duck said (or was it Woody Woodpecker?):  "That's all, folks!"


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Joan. So nice for you to think your works are now hanging in a new home and so great to meet nice artists.
All the best from France.