Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Chatham Harbor," which is my most recent painting...

... will be on exhibition at Maple & Main Gallery, 1 Maple Street, Chester, Connecticut.  Today is the last day of the current show there; it comes down at the close of business today.  On Wednesday, when the doors of the gallery open, a whole new show will be waiting to be enjoyed. 
"Chatham Harbor," original 10x30" acrylic on three linen panels, copyright Joan Cole

“Chatham Harbor” is a triptych, an art form used in early Christian art.  Triptychs were a standard format for altar paintings from the Middle Ages onwards.  Although this is not a religious piece, I chose this format, in part, because of my  reverence for the natural world.   Everywhere I look in nature, I am inspired to paint.  Albert Schweitzer is one of my heroes.  His book Reverence for Life says it all.  If everyone lived by Schweitzer's standards, the world would be a better place.

Be that as it may, this triptych offers the viewer a 180-degree view of Chatham Harbor.  At the same time, 

Panel 1
each panel,

 when viewed individually, 
Panel 2

provides its own unique perspective.   
Panel 3

I believe that beauty is a matter of perspective.  It surrounds us.  Beauty is everywhere we look—if we look.   

What do you find in “Chatham Harbor”?

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