Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Great plein air paintings may include sunlight...

...but are made in the shade," says Robert Genn in his newsletter this morning.   These are my sentiments exactly!  When I am  painting outdoors, I always seek shade.

Jan Blencowe, painting on location in Maine.
However, making paintings in the shade is  not always possible, so some of us use umbrellas of one type or another to shade our palettes and canvases.  

Claudia Post has a bird's eye view!

Or we find creative ways to stay out of the sun. 
At the same location, here's Claudia, painting comfortably in her slippers in the shade.  Did you notice the ice pack wrapped around her left ankle?  At the beginning of our Maine painting expedition, she thought she'd sprained both her ankles when she fell from a ledge.  She hadn't; she'd only sprained one.  The left one she broke! This she learned after returning home.  Her ankle's been in a cast ever since!

Broken bones don't stop this determined lady!
Whatever works is good! It's getting the job done that makes an artist happy.  

I'm so excited about the art exhibition the three of us are planning with photographer Lou Zucchi.  I invite you to mark your calendar now for October 17-21 when The Maine Attraction will be showing at the Essex Art Association. 


Jan Blencowe said...

Delighted and honored to be included in this post! ~Jan

Unknown said...

I have been waiting for one of you gals to report on this trip!! Looks like you had great time. So sorry to hear about Claudia but it looks like it didn't even slow her down! Amazing.

Joan Cole said...

What a wonderful trip it was, Jan! I can't wait for October!