Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Artists' Gathering

          I am excited to be meeting with my colleagues at Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art tonight for an evening of socializing.  Up until now, we have all been working very hard to make the gallery the success it is.  We have had little enough time to BE with each other and learn more about each other.  It's a potluck supper, so I'm looking forward to some yummy treats.  I'm taking Swedish meatballs and a winter squash bisque.  On a cold night like tonight, I thought those might be warming.

          Anyway, I'll be telling my artist friends about the paintings that I have in the current show. I've already shown you "The Guardian," a 16 x 20" oil of this ancient tree in Old Lyme. Many artists seem to hesitate to paint too much green, but I love it; it was my dad's favorite color, so perhaps that's one reason I enjoy using it.

          Also in this show is "Lupine, Sunset Hill," another 16 x 20" oil on canvas, which I began in June and finished after we returned home.  Sunset Hill, New Hampshire, has an annual Lupine Festival, and I can understand why:  the fields and roadsides are covered with these incredibly beautiful flowers.  They remind me of Barbara Cooney's children's book about Miss Rumphius, who--in the manner of Johnny Appleseed--is said to have planted lupine seeds all up and down the coast of Maine.  Maybe these in New Hampshire are relatives of those in the Granite State's neighbor to the east.
          It wouldn't be a holiday show for me, if I didn't have a  "Pointsettia" painting to show.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I LOVE FLOWERS--all kinds from tiny bluets in the spring to huge red (or white, or pink, or....) pointsettia blossoms in December.  This is a 4 x 6" oil on canvas.

          Which brings me to the fourth painting I have in the show:  our "Christmas Tree" from last year.  I had so much fun painting it in the semi-darkness of our living room, lit just by the bulbs on the tree.   The finished piece is a 16 x 12" oil on canvas.  It is a tree much like those of my childhood, except the lights are the new energy-saving tiny ones, not the big glass bulbs that my mom and dad used.  Like the trees of my past, all the colors of the rainbow are represented.  No white lights for me.  White lights are classy, but colored lights on Christmas trees bring happy memories flooding back.  (Remember the lights that bubbled?  We never had them, but I always thought THEY were the cat's meow!)  
          Well, we put the Christmas tree up yesterday and strung the lights.  Only a few ornaments are on it so far.  Time to add a few before I head out to the festivities at the gallery.  Merry Christmas, everyone. 


Ishita said...

It was such a great evening! We know know each other a little bit more and had a few laughs!! The soups were so YUMMY!!

CHAP1022 said...

You captured your last year's Christmas tree beautifully right down to the reflected lights in the picture window. Loved the poinsettia too.

Joan Cole said...

Thanks so much, Jane. I'm hoping to get to see YOUR Christmas tree soon! Love, Joan