Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is past and New Year 2011 is waiting in the wings.  Only four more days till we all get to begin anew.  My hope for myself in the year to come is for major growth in my skills--both artistically and technologically.

I got a head start on the latter in December, when I completed another Jan Blencowe course; this one was "Marketing for Artists."  She has shown me many areas in which I can grow my art business, not the least of which is being more active with blogging, Facebooking, and Tweeting.  Along these same lines, I'll be a returning member of Arianne Goodwin's Smartist Telesummit in January, so I will continue learning more about the marketing side of the art business.

This 9 x 12" pastel sketch is the view we had from our hotel porch in Port Clyde, Maine, in August of 2006.
 I'm very excited to be registered with Claudia Post at Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art for a class in pastels, starting in January.  When I see the level of work that her present class of three young students is producing, I wonder if I can do half as well.  They are SO very talented.  Be that as it may, I know I will be pushed by Claudia to go beyond where I am in my painting, which is what I look forward to.

Cherry Tree, 9 x 12, pastel on black paper

I enjoyed painting our cherry tree in April of 2005.  This is the view we have from our side deck. 

Apple, pastel, 9 x 12"
 This is one of the few pastels that I have done using pastelboard.  I had fun learning to use it with Nancy Tracy, another of my colleagues at Maple & Main.  Working on the rough board felt more like painting than the two previous examples, which were on paper.

I KNOW that I will have better examples to show as I learn at last how to REALLY use pastels.  Claudia Post, you'll have your work cut out for you with me!


Ishita B said...

I am sure you will succeed in both areas! My goal is to have patience and stop giving up every other day! I am in Claudia's class too! It will be fun:)

Joan Cole said...

Ishita, I am so glad we're both taking the pastel class. I know we'll have a good time together and learn so much from Claudia. Keep smiling! :-) ~Joan

Anonymous said...

Dear Joan,

I am sure this pastel class will give you a lot of pleasure and benefit to your art. How lucky you are to have this opportunity. One never learns enough, isn't it ?

I wish you a healthy, prosperous, creative, peaceful year 2011 for you and your family.

Joan Cole said...

Hello, Helene!

How good to hear from you. Yes, you can tell that I'm VERY excited about learning more about the RIGHT way to use pastels. You certainly have mastered the use of watercolors; your floral paintings of are incredible. They show how I feel about flowers: I love them! Happy New Year to you too! Love, Joan