Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1--Pastel Class

Initial drawing
          This is the initial drawing that I laid in at my first pastel class yesterday at Maple & Main Gallery in Chester.  Master pastellist Claudia Post is an excellent teacher!  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have painted in pastels before.  At last, however, I'm learning the proper way to paint with them.  Yesterday, I learned to use NuPastels (a hard, pressed form of pastel) to lay in the drawing.  Unlike oil paints, which have the name of each color on the label of each tube, NuPastels have numbers pressed into the sticks, indicating each color.  I  began with a fairly light reddish brown like burnt sienna. Oh yes, I also learned how to sharpen NuPastels, so that I have a fine point with which to draw.  (A boring, but necessary, task!) 

          After getting a preliminary sketch down, I refined my drawing with a darker brown.  Then, I continued refining with the darkest green and darkest red.  After that, I began adding local color.  Today, I'm looking forward to seeing what difference moving to my softer Rembrandt pastels will make.  I am so excited!

          Stay tuned!

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