Friday, October 28, 2011


Joan Cole in Pumpkin Parade Mode
I can't wait for the opening tonight at Maple & Main Gallery.  We had SO MUCH FUN last year, viewing all the tiny ones in their costumes, enjoying seeing old friends, delighting in making new acquaintances.  I wish all my friends and family could be in Chester from 5 to 8 tonight.  It's a good old-fashioned genuine good time.  Everyone dresses up!

The "scariest" painting I have right now is "Rainy Sunrise on Monhegan" which I  described painting in an earlier blog post.
"Rainy Sunrise at Whitehead, Monhegan," 14 x 11" acrylic on Irish linen on gatorboard

However, you won't be able to see this at Maple & Main Gallery until our November exhibition, which opens on the 18th.

On Halloween of 2005, I painted a piece I titled "Pumpkin Flood.''  That was the year that the Connecticut River rose so high,  it tore pumpkins right off the vines growing in the alluvial fields along the rivers' banks from the Vermont border, through Massachusetts and Connecticut and into the Long Island Sound.  Painting down at the town dock in Deep River, I could watch pumpkins floating by as I worked!  I'm sorry I can't show you that painting, but I can't find a photograph of  it and it was sold long ago.  Just one more reminder that I should make it a habit to photograph ALL my paintings as soon as I finish them. 

Guess I should have painted in a pumpkin patch this year, so I'd have an appropriate painting for tonight's show.  Maybe next year!  Well, you'll just have to come check out the M&M jack-o-lanterns I carved last night, and get your treat of M&Ms at Maple & Main Gallery!   See you there.... 


Richard C Jensen said...

Hi Joan,
Pretty painting and I love the way you created the rain effect on the surface. I love painting too and come have a look at my artwork.

Joan Cole said...

Thank you so much, Richard. I visited your blog and enjoyed seeing your paintings very much. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Please come again soon!