Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pratt Cove, Springtime

I've finished "Pratt Cove, Springtime" in time for the next opening at Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester, Connecticut, on November 18 from 5-8 PM.

"Pratt Cove, Springtime,"  10 x 20" acrylic on canvas, copyright Joan Cole 2011

I began this painting on a rainy spring day down near the railroad tracks in Deep River, looking out over Pratt Cove.  It was a beautiful misty day, and the wild yellow irises were blooming.  By working on it on and off since then, I have been able to apply many layers of thin glazes of color, which give the piece added glow.  I hope you enjoy looking at it.


Joan A Hamilton said...

Lovely Joan! Such a beautiful glow to it.

Joan Cole said...

Thank you very much, Joan. I'm so pleased that you enjoy the glow. Springtime is such a glorious time of the year. It was a joy for me to work on this painting because whenever I did, I found myself revisiting that morning--a lovely memory for me.