Saturday, July 14, 2012

"The Cove" is my first oil painting in over a year!

"The Cove" is my most recent painting.    Each morning last week, I had been rising early and setting up my Julian easel in the shelter of the indigenous trees and shrubs which border a portion of our waterfront

"The Cove," 12 x 9" original acrylic on stretched linen, copyright Joan Cole

On one of these mornings as I quietly worked to capture the early morning light and reflections on the lake, I sensed something approaching through the shallow water.  Out of the screen of foliage beside me and onto our sandy waterfront stepped a beautiful white egret, fishing for its breakfast.  Egrets are larger up close than they seem from a distance.  I was made more fully aware of this when I rose and tiptoed toward the bird to snap its photo.  It spread its wings and headed toward the trees on the right of this painting.  Wow!  Awesome splendor.

On another of these mornings, I sensed something in the mosses and grasses near me.  It was a tiny chipmunk, breakfasting on a chunk of fungus which resembled a hunk of bread in its delicate paws.

After not having painted in oils for over a year, I have enjoyed getting them out and trying my hand at them again. 

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