Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Moraine" is in Lyme Art Association's Summer Show

"Moraine," original 24 x 12" acrylic on gallerywrap canvas, copyright Joan Cole

Waters of life
flow ceaselessly;
spirit rises
to the light.
                         ~Joan Cole

This tumble of lichen-covered granite boulders inspired me to create “Moraine.”  The location is Chatfield Hollow, which is part of the Cockaponsett State Forest.  The moss on these glacial boulders is such a wonderful variety of rich greens.If you walk the loop around the pond, you won't be able to miss this scene.  It calls to me each time we stroll past.  This winter, I finally had to paint it. 

If you missed the opening, Lyme Art Association's summer show runs through July 29th.  I'm sure you will enjoy visiting it.  Perhaps you'd also like to stop by to tour the Florence Griswold Museum (the home of American Impressionism); if you've never been, you really shouldn't miss it.

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