Sunday, July 1, 2012

"New Dawn" at last!

"New Dawn," 24 x 18" original acrylic on canvas, copyright Joan Cole
I've just finished "New Dawn," a painting I've been working on throughout our bush's blooming season.   These roses have been climbing along our deck since my husband planted the bush twenty years ago.  Although they bloom in quiet profusion every year, this year, they have been even more abundant.  It has been my joy to spend days with them, watching them bud, plump up, and unfurl their modest beauty while I tried to capture just some of their  glory in pigment on canvas.  Of the hundreds of pale pink blossoms that have come and gone, only a few remain.  I'm so glad I have "New Dawn" to remind me of their delicate and fleeting beauty.


Jan Blencowe said...

Bravo! It came out beautifully!

Joan Cole said...

Thank you for saying so, Jan.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful painting of roses Joan. I know and love very much New Dawn roses.

Joan Cole said...

Dear Helene,

Thank you so very much. You create such beautiful paintings of flowers that I am really honored by your kind words. I wonder whether your New Dawn roses are like ours? Our bush seems to revel in the joy of summer warmth and light, stretching their blossoms sunward from our deck and exclaiming, "Hallelujah!"

I imagine your gardens are glorious right now. Best to you.