Sunday, March 20, 2011

Have you ever seen David Dunlop paint--IN PERSON? I have!


Jan Blencowe said...

Hi Joan, I pre-ordered my copy and blogged about this too!

I really, really hope they raise the needed funds to make this a reality!

Joan Cole said...

He is such a fine teacher and artist that I hope so too. I'm sure they will make it happen.

Connie Simmons said...

HI, Joan! You were so nice to write about our previous Kickstarter project that didn't fund. We have completed everything but the post production, and have a new Kickstarter campaign for the Painting Skies with David Dunlop DVD. We hope that you will take a look!
Thank you, Connie Simmons

Joan Cole said...

Hi Connie,

I saw David Dunlop demonstrate his technique at Hartford Fine Art a year or so ago. He's outstanding! I loved watching his program on Public Television; I learned so much. Keep in touch. ~Joan